“The tradition of the poet / artist goes back at least to William Blake and his “Tyger.” Moore carries it on with her knock–out combo of verse and linocuts.”
~Carl Little in The Café Review, Spring, 2023

LESLIE MOORE     printmaker     poet


Four great blues meditate
on mudflats—spar-straight,
stock-still—and I am one of them.

How silent we are
in our low-tide reveries,
gazes both inward and out.

How we sense the ooze
gurgle between toes, water
lap legs, air shift feathers.

How delectable
our discernment of glints
in briny shallows.

Leslie Moore

"Deep Water"
Maine Sunday Telegram
January 22, 2023

"No creature is beneath her notice, each has a story to tell, each is a kindred spirit, a teacher who informs her crafts."

~Kristen Lindquist, author of Tourists in the Known World: New and Selected Poems