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Red-Tailed Hawk in Snow
Reduction Linocut

An 8-color reduction linocut
17 1/2" x 9 1/2" print size
22" x 12" paper size
Hand printed on BFK Rives paper
Edition: 9
Sold unframed
Price includes shipping within the U.S.

A copy of the poem will come with the print.


~after Yeats’ “Second Coming”

A hawk gyres over blueberry barrens atop Beech Hill,
turning and turning,
casting quick shadows across frost-hard ground.

A hundred years and the center still doesn’t hold.
A president who will not own defeat
unleashes the anarchy of his blood-dimmed mob.

They storm the Capitol in animal pelts and helmets
with horns, use flags as weapons,
chant feral taunts, glory in carnage.

On Beech Hill, talons swoop to a bare branch
clutching a small rodent.
The red-tailed hawk turns one indignant eye.

Leslie Moore

What Rough Beasts
Littoral Books, 2021