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a collage of 20 American Water Spaniels drawn in colored pen-and-ink by Leslie Moore of PenPets.
American Water Spaniel Collage
colored pen and ink

In 2010, Mary from Minnesota commissioned me to draw a dog portrait for the 25th Anniversary of the American Water Spaniel Specialty Show. The image went on posters, t-shirts, and canvas bags, and the original drawing was auctioned off at the end of the show. Mary said the bidding was fierce, but that she took the portrait home with her. Since then Mary has commissioned me to do drawings of all 19 of the American Water Spaniels she has owned in her long life as a breeder, shower, and hunter of these dogs. Two or three spaniels a year. Seven years. Twenty dogs. Whew! Mary keeps hinting that she may get one more AWS puppy down the road, but for now, we’re done! Mary writes, “I am just so very proud of all of the portraits you have done for me. These dogs that I have loved are immortalized forever in your wonderful work. Thank you!!”