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a linocut of a pumb bob hovering over a hand writing poetry by Leslie Moore of PenPets. A book illustration for Saving Nails by Thomas R. Moore.
Book Illustration for Saving Nails
by Thomas R. Moore
5" X 7"


From yard to woodshed I move
split oak, wheeling each load
through an August morning’s

solitude to raise my piles, crooked
and uneven, thinking of my father
and his perfect stacks, a plumb bob

tacked above the row so he could
nudge each stick into exactitude.
An old Egyptian tool, he’d joke

on jobs, the carpenters chuckling,
their four foot bubble levels
pressed against the studs. I’d play along,

but roil inside at his commands:
Steady the line, Boyo, and use that
spacer. Now the dialogue’s

inside my head and his taut string
tests the precision of my words,
seeing if they meet the mark.

Thomas R. Moore