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A colored pen and ink drawing of two Belgian Tervurens, a male and a female, by Leslie Moore of PenPets.
Lulu & Truman
Belgian Turvurens
colored pen and ink drawing
10" X 8"

Lulu and Truman are both show dogs and herders from Chateaublanc Kennels. Lulu won the Best of Show title at the Belgian Tervuren Specialy last year and Truman has won awards for herding. Lulu is a "diva with a super secret fun side," and Truman is a "gentleman with a sense of humor." They must be great companions and friends.

"Just received the portrait today! It's just wonderful. You really captured Truman and Lulu's expressions. The notecards are a nice extra. I can't thank you enough for all your effort. I know that Belgian expressions are very hard to do. Thank you again. I shall display the portrait with pride."

~Darlene from Chateaublanc Kennels in Ashford, Connecticut